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  S1mple, a CS:GO player for Natus Vincere, has taken to streaming Fortnite the past couple of days.

  The star player from Ukraine never picked up the game and is just now starting to catch up to other players.

  While that would be a tough task for most, S1mple is one of the best FPS players on the planet and he has access to skilled players who can quickly teach him the ropes.

  While the aiming won’t be an issue, building is a unique Fortnite mechanic and something he will have to spend a lot of time learning to catch up to speed.

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  He got the classic double ramp build down and was starting to feel good about it, but then his teacher pulled out some quick 90s and S1mple had no idea what was happening.

  We’ve all been playing for so long that it is easy to forget how difficult building was when we first started. Now imagine trying to learn current building standards with no prior knowledge.

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  He’s having a good time with it, but he’s also fighting a language barrier as English is not his first language and he’s trying to learn complicated building concepts.

  He managed to get a couple of wins pretty quickly while playing in a squad, but it is tough to transition from a game like CS:GO to Fortnite.

  Still, his amazing aim with a sniper came through in a couple games where you can see the skills that make him so good at CS.

  Watch @s1mpleO streaming! from s1mple on

  Still there are some key differences between a truly skill-based game like CS:GO and a game more dependent on RNG like Fortnite.

  He talks about some of the striking differences between the two games in a future stream where he laments the lack of options for crosshairs and the reliance on shields in the early game.

  Watch @s1mpleO streaming! Fortnite + CS from s1mple on

  He even points out that PUBG has the option to change. Why Epic hasn’t added in custom crosshairs doesn’t make a ton of sense.

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  It seems like an easy thing to add with all the different cosmetics that are constantly added, a small offering of different crosshairs seems quite reasonable.